Formal Complaints Procedure

LK Law LLP takes its professional responsibilities seriously for clients.

If you have an issue that has not been resolved satisfactorily by informal means, you can invoke our formal written complaints procedure. This can be done by email via the lawyer you had contact with or to our complaints mail box Complaints received via this inbox will be forwarded to the relevant person as set out below.

LK will acknowledge your complaint by letter within 10 working days. We will then investigate your complaint, which is likely to involve both a Principal who acted for you and another lawyer from within LK who is independent of the matter. If a meeting is deemed necessary at that point we will invite you to meet and discussion and, we hope, resolve your complaint. If a meeting is held then we will write to you and confirm what took place at the meeting and any solutions agreed with you. Where a meeting is not held, we will send a detailed reply to your complaint, inclusive of a proposed resolution.

If after this you consider that the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact us again and we will then arrange for another Principal to review the decision. We will then write confirmation our final position on your complaint and the reasons for that decision.

If you remain dissatisfied with our response you can then refer the matter, within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint and no more than one year from the date of act/omission; or no more than one year from when you should reasonably have known there was cause for complaint, to the Legal Ombudsman Service at PO Box 6167, Slough, SL1 0EH, or by calling their helpline on 0300 555 0333 or on their website

You can also raise concerns with the Solicitors Regulation Authority if you are concerned about LK Law’s professional conduct


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