Delivering results through an incisive analysis of the law and facts.


Through years of specialisation, we have an approach to managing risks, running investigations and resolving disputes, which is continuously tested and improved upon. This approach has enabled LK to consistently deliver superior results for our clients.

We start by understanding our clients’ business, industry and objectives, which serve as a guide for our efforts to achieve exceptional outcomes on their behalf. We work closely with them and other professionals on all aspects of their matters, including the analysis, strategy and formulation of legal claims.

We put together the optimum team for each case based on the experience and technical expertise of our lawyers, drawing on specific resources as required. We work in dedicated groups where teamwork, integrity, excellence, curiosity and creativity are emphasised. We focus on delivering rigorous advice and representation, and pursuing meritorious claims only.

Our approach involves the application of highly developed forensic, financial and technology skills to gather, analyse and effectively present often voluminous and/or complex information.

We use market-leading litigation technology to achieve substantive advantages and cost savings on our cases.

We are deliberately low profile, preserving our energy for our clients and legal arguments. We find this to be a particular advantage in high-profile investigations and disputes.


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33 Black Friars Lane
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