What We Look For

Achieving consistently outstanding results for clients requires a team of outstanding people at all levels. Individuals who possess the following qualities excel at LK.

Academic Accomplishment

As a specialist firm, LK needs people with an ability to apply an exacting approach to any given task. As such, a history of strong academic achievement is essential.


The nature and complexity of our projects requires a methodical and meticulous approach to identify, analyse and present complex facts and legal concepts in a clear, concise and comprehensive way.

Curious and Resourceful

Our lawyers thrive on challenges. We take a ‘ground up’ approach to advising clients, focusing on detail to build a strong foundation for each case. Individuals who share this industrious approach and who leave no stone unturned to advance our clients’ interests, excel at LK.

Energetic and Disciplined

Most of our projects are large in scale, with hundreds of millions of dollars in dispute, involving multiple jurisdictions. People who are excited by the opportunity to work on this scale, with the drive and discipline to manage multiple tasks and deadlines, thrive at LK.


While we plan carefully to avoid surprises, professional demands can be unpredictable. LK needs people who enjoy the variety that our practice presents and are unfazed by unexpected developments.

Team Oriented

A collaborative approach is at the heart of our success. We seek people who work well with others, inspiring confidence, trust and respect.


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