Delivering results through an incisive analysis of the law and facts.


Through years of specialisation, we have developed an LK Method, consistent across our offices, instilled in team members from their first day at the firm. This approach to practice has enabled LK to consistently deliver superior results for our clients.

We work in cohesive groups based on the principles of teamwork, objectivity, creativity, hard work and the highest professional standards. We work closely with our clients and other professionals on all aspects of the investigation, analysis, strategy, litigation and resolution of legal claims to achieve outstanding results.

The LK Method is to investigate and formulate a case for effective presentation at trial from the outset. If that approach does not lead to an early resolution, the prospect of success at trial is maximised and the risks of preliminary challenges and other delays minimised. Our focus is on delivering rigorous advice and pursuing meritorious claims only.

The LK Method involves the application of highly developed forensic and financial skills in gathering, analysing and presenting voluminous materials in a clear and persuasive way. Many on our team have financial or analytical backgrounds.

LK invests heavily in the advanced use of litigation technology to deliver important advantages and efficiencies for our clients.


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